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Getting Prepared for the Summer Getaway

March 23rd, 2016 | By | Posted in Uncategorized

When that time of year arrives for the family to head out on the annual road trip, being prepared is a must. Road trips can be a fun time to spend with family, especially if you have the convenience of an RV. It allows a family to go at a slow pace and see everything on their bucket list. If a vacation doesn’t have a set duration, what happens if the RV breaks down or has electrical issues? Of course, we recommend making sure the RV gets all of the routine maintenance completed regularly as well as checking for any issues beforehand.

How to Make Sure the RV Runs Smoothly 

Before taking in the vehicle for RV service and repair, there are ways to check the vehicle’s condition by taking it for a drive. This allows the owner to see if it runs properly and be able to listen to the engine as well as all of the contributing components. If something doesn’t sound right, then there is a clear sign that it needs a little TLC. Sometimes the RV won’t run properly due to electrical issues throughout the entire vehicle. It wouldn’t hurt to hop in the living area and flip all of the light switches as well as check to make sure everything is functioning correctly.

The Natural Wear and Tear of the RV

One of the bigger issues that occur in an RV is the natural wear and tear, including the sealant. If a sealant has come apart, it won’t allow the heat or cold to stay in depending on the season. It also can cause cracking that may turn into larger concerns. It’s natural for an RV to get worn down on the outside due to different weather conditions. The outside is the first part that should be checked when it comes to cosmetic upkeep.

Give Yourself Some Time

Planning a road trip is a lot of work, but so is getting stuck on the side of the road from lack of preparation. We want to make sure you are enjoying your vacation, so give it some time before you jump into a month-long scenic drive. Just ask us about the benefits of going out the weekend before your big trip. Those that have gone out prior to their road trip have been less likely to have issues than those that don’t take the time. Typically they are the ones that are in desperate need of RV service and repair, but a little too late.

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